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Namor: The First Mutant (Marvel) - 2010
Written by Stuart Moore; Art by Ariel Olivetti, Andres Guinaldo, Brian Ching, Carlos Rodriguez, Sergio Ariño

The 4th ongoing Namor series since the 1960’s. Scion of two races, Prince Namor has always been torn between the world above the waves and the world beneath the sea. Now he must balance commitments to both the mutants and the Atlanteans, as he tries to rebuild his kingdom.

Issue 1: Royal Blood: Part 1
Issue 2: Royal Blood: Part 2
Issue 3: Royal Blood: Part 3
Issue 4: Royal Blood: Part 4
Issue 5: Faces
Issue 6: Namor Goes To Hell: Part 1
Issue 7: Namor Goes To Hell: Part 2
Issue 8: Namor Goes To Hell: Part 3
Issue 9: The Fire Down Below, Part 1
Issue 10: 
The Fire Down Below, Part 2
Issue 11: The Fire Down Below, Conclusion

If you’re into this sort of thing, check out Comic Exchange.

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